Tukaani pkgtools

Tukaani pkgtools is a fork of Slackware pkgtools. Tukaani pkgtools are no longer developed, but the code is available here just in case someone is interested, and maybe even wants to continue development.

The original reason to fork Slackware pkgtools was to add support for compressors other than gzip, specifically lzma. Nowadays Slackware pkgtools support gzip, bzip2, lzma, and xz, so one doesn't need Tukaani pkgtools for other compression formats anymore. However, there were lots of other improvements in Tukaani pkgtools:

See also the screenshots.

Tukaani pkgtools had practically perfect compatibility with the original pkgtools. Achieving this required continuous effort to stay up to date with things happening in Slackware Current. Since Tukaani pkgtools are no longer maintained, it is not safe to install them on recent Slackware versions.

Probably it wouldn't require huge amount of work to get Tukaani pkgtools up to date again. If someone is interested to continue development of Tukaani pkgtools or even trying to get some of the improvements into Slackware pkgtools, Lasse is happy to give some help, but probably won't have time to do any actual development.


In 2007, Tukaani pkgtools 1.2.4 supported recent versions of Tukaani, Slackware, Zenwalk, Vector Linux, and Slamd64 distributions. It's not 2007 anymore, and it is not safe to install Tukaani pkgtools on a recent release of Slackware or Slamd64.. These pkgtools binary packages are provided mostly for historical reasons.

If you happen to have an old Slackware installation (10.x, maybe 11.0), and want to try Tukaani pkgtools:


Source code (including GNU tar 1.13, dialog, and SlackBuild) are available as a single tarball:


There is also a Git repository, which includes a few minor fixes made after 1.2.4 was released:

git clone https://git.tukaani.org/pkgtools.git