liblzma (XZ Utils)
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Clzma_allocatorCustom functions for memory handling
 Clzma_blockOptions for the Block and Block Header encoders and decoders
 Clzma_filterFilter options
 Clzma_index_iterIterator to get information about Blocks and Streams
 Clzma_mtMultithreading options
 Clzma_options_bcjOptions for BCJ filters
 Clzma_options_deltaOptions for the Delta filter
 Clzma_options_lzmaOptions specific to the LZMA1 and LZMA2 filters
 Clzma_streamPassing data to and from liblzma
 Clzma_stream_flagsOptions for encoding/decoding Stream Header and Stream Footer