liblzma (XZ Utils)
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 base.hData types and functions used in many places in liblzma API
 bcj.hBranch/Call/Jump conversion filters
 block.h.xz Block handling
 check.hIntegrity checks
 container.hFile formats
 delta.hDelta filter
 filter.hCommon filter related types and functions
 hardware.hHardware information
 index.hHandling of .xz Index and related information
 index_hash.hValidate Index by using a hash function
 lzma12.hLZMA1 and LZMA2 filters
 stream_flags.h.xz Stream Header and Stream Footer encoder and decoder
 version.hVersion number
 vli.hVariable-length integer handling
 lzma.hThe public API of liblzma data compression library