liblzma (XZ Utils)
liblzma (XZ Utils)

liblzma is a general-purpose data compression library with a zlib-like API. The native file format is .xz, but also the old .lzma format and raw (no headers) streams are supported. Multiple compression algorithms (filters) are supported. Currently LZMA2 is the primary filter.

liblzma is part of XZ Utils XZ Utils includes a gzip-like command line tool named xz and some other tools. XZ Utils is developed and maintained by Lasse Collin.

Major parts of liblzma are based on code written by Igor Pavlov, specifically the LZMA SDK

The SHA-256 implementation in liblzma is based on code written by Wei Dai in Crypto++ Library

liblzma is distributed under the BSD Zero Clause License (0BSD).